Thy Kingdom Come

Thy Kingdom Come

Inspired by King Isas Prayer “Our Farher” from Matthew 6 and Luke 11, “Thy Kingdom Come” by Charles Taize Russell (1891) and his mention by Marcus Ampe.

Thy Kingdom Zsion Come as in Heavens so on Earth

Yes we can survive into or beeing reawakened into paradise restored and regained under and in the KZ.

This KZ is just Jehovahs Kingdom Zsion (deutsch: Königreich Zion, français: Royaume (la) Sion, elleniki: Basileia Sion) with their first born and only begotten son and Christ our King and his bride our Queen “New Heavenly Israel” as government in the New Temple City “Heavenly Jerusalem”.

And probably there will be death penalty as it was in the first Paradise lost by Adam and Eve. One even can imagine such penalty to death of temporary or worst case forever or eternal.

On Earth then all souls, families and communities will be directed, ruled and judged from our Heavens, but keep self administration under judges, sheriffs, bishops, princes, califs, reeves, governors, officers, commandantes? mayors, teachers, rabbis, masters, doctors, healers, priestesses? senators, presbyters, guards? magistrates, clerks, executives, public or civil servants, deacons and the like in their belonging islands, countries, landscapes, communities, cities and colonies.

There will be no concurrent states, governments and nations necessary any more.

Our religions, parties, enterprises and all bigger communities become clans in their corresponding one of twelve tribes of the Heavenly Israel.

If the states and nations do not give up their outrageous injustices and powers voluntarily there will soon come war first against each other as King Isa has foreseen and promised almost 2000 years ago and then with the Heavenly Zebaoth including their now heavenly 144001 once earthen human death victims and all angels personally.

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