To Alexei Navalny

To Alexei Navalny

Dear Alexei, my condolences to your loss of consciousness.

Some of your souls tell us they have found toxic substances in your body, some others tell us the opposite. The Berlin Charite physicians wven seem to be judges if your case, tellung us that some one has poisoned you. Most of your souls suspect the Russia state behind now.

If your job was to critisize your state and illegal businesses, there is of course some probability that your state is responsible, but all those Russians AND strangers who make illegal businesses with Russia could be responsible alike. May be a Berliner, Gerhard Schröder for example or even one of your “healers”.

Or some one who wants to discredit Russia and or her businesses even if legal.

Or some one world wide fearing you becoming too powerful may be even Putin’s successor one day.

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