To all “Black Lifes Matter” Protesters

To all “Black Lifes Matter” Protesters, Mobilisers, Demanders and Racists


To all “Black Lives Matter” Protesters

(First i wrote it lives, then i got confused twice and corrected it by lifes. My Oxford dictionary now wants lives as the plural of life?! Are you sure?)

I remember George Floyd too!

Obviously his death was not yet necessary?!

But it is not sure that the officer killed him with intent?!

At least he killed him actively. This deed some how between man slaughter and murder deserves severe punishment!

Slay and murder are worse then racism!

But i take it for granted that many blacks killed other souls, their own but many others too!

Your movement favorising one race disadvantages all others.

“Black Holes Matter” is the far better slogan, no single soul must feel disadvantaged by this demand.

There are many kinds of black lifes and lives, good and evil.

Do not dare to support my black enemies, please!

I could agree with you may be, if you would give me your black Zsion king and or queen.

If it turns out that you support killers or even killers of my own friends, the black death shall come and castigate you!

Please repent your own sins first, then forgive and pardon others!

Then you may feel free to help and support all victims of injustice and lies.

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