To Queen America First

To Queen America First

Dear Lady America, please offer barracks not cages to your refugees. They are chicks of our gods not of your farmers or your state and states.

Build barracks or barrak cities for all persecuted believers of all of the 12 tribes of the new heavenly Israel, slaves and prostitutes included of course!

Every family should have their own rooms and the singles could be accommodated as necessary single or in groups.

Confessing omaio sexuels should be treated as own religion. They should have their own department, households or at least rooms and should not live in the household and rooms of others and other believers should not to be forced to live in a household and rooms of omaio sexuals.

Also the main religions gentiles, jacobines, christians and muslims shall have own departments.

The borders of all departments should be open for visits and conversions as good and free as possible.

My dear Queen America, if you do not treat your spiritual or physical persecuted better, you shall taste prison and psychiatry too.

Have a nice week and (not all the best, but) the best possible future for every soul.

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