To Apple and Microsoft

To Apple and Microsoft

Dear Microsoft and Apple Executives, why do you omit our equal number 9 in your product series of your Windows operating system and your iPhones?

After Windows 8 and 8.1 you jumped to 10 and after iPhone 8 you like me to buy your X, XS or even XR!

Are you superstitiously fearing that our god make differences in their numbers? Do you intend to delete the whole of our month September or every ninth day of each month?

In this case you should look for better gods and worship our true gods who invented all our numbers without prejudice.

Or do you have any psychiatric problems with some of our numbers? Please go to your psychiatrists.

Or even worse are you criminals against humanity trying to extinct or holocaust all niners, one or more of our races?

You will stand in front of our supreme legislator and judge soon too!

So please do not visitate us with wrong numbers any more!

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