To Ernst Tiltscher and Alexander Vopelius Feldt

To Ernst Tiltscher and Alexander Vopelius Feldt

My dear doctors Ernst and Alexander, i am suffering from my demons and your insufficient and wrong treatment with psychiatric chemicals. My demons are seducing me every day, doing some thing wrong, and your chemicals do not impress any single demon. Instead your psychiatric designer drugs are torturing me with additional pains and many unwanted side effects.

I tried to get rid of these chemicals, but my body and metabolism has adopted to them in all these many years of use or forced abuse. I am dependent on them now!

Yes some bad souls are abusing these chemical to induce just those effects like psychosis, they are meant against of. Every chemical or substance has its own spirit too, superseded by the spirits of their manufacturing souls and communities! This is exactly what many Gentile wise healers and Samuel Hahnemann found out long ago! (Good and bad) Spirits are every where in and around us! We better do not ignore or deny them! This denying of inferiour spirits, gods and goddesses is nothing else than the beginning of the unforgivable sin against the supreme or holy spirit Jehovah himself!

1993 to 1996 you treated me unequal and unjust when i fought out a law suit with the Bavaria state.

You Doctor Tiltscher advised my judges, that i would stay a criminal without your drugs.

And you Doctor Vopelius forced me 1995 to take these drugs after me having proven two years long that living without these drugs is possible. In deed i survived nine months of Munich Stadelheim prison and the first year in your prison hospital Bezirkskrankenhaus BKH Haar without chemical treatment.

And you preferred other patients whom you did not extort to take these drugs. I do not want to claim that these chemicals are bad in every case, but only those patients who are convinced by you and them selves that they would be useful and helpful for them should take them. You have no right to “convince” patients by criminal actions.

Yes in deed extortion and giving wrong health witness are two crimes listed and treated in the StrafGesetzBuch StGB.

And hurting our bodies and flesh is a crime against our United Nations Human Right of integrity of our bodies and physis.

My preferred medicine Perrazine is not available on the british market, so my doctors in Belfast prescribed me Chlorpromazine. Since i take this drug my whole body suffers additional pains. All my muscles and bones are aching, even my brain. My tongue is dehydrating. I feel tortured by your treatment every single day and night.

Do not tell me that we cannot feel our brain, because it would not have any pain receptors. We will never find out all the secrets of creation. Amen and Thank. Otherwise promised eternal life would become boring sooner or later.

If you try me to forget all my past by these chemicals killing my memories and brain, this would be another crime against humanity, integrity of our body and flesh. Our metabolisms are part of our physis too! The mental metabolism too!

Ignoring or even denying the existence of spirits is a crime against our supreme gods and spirits too. Please stop ignoring or denying bad spirits and demons. By ignoring and denying Antijehovah and his demons you are in fact supporting them by offering them shelter and hiding place.

Our Christ Jesus himself is the crown witness of their existence and their capability of harming us or even forcing us committing crimes against our selves or against others.

Furthermore you tried to spoil me and make me a pervert human by accomodating me with wrong people and making me share company with unequal communities with contradictory confessions or statutes!

Too many people have committed suicide or crimes against others, because of too many contradictions in their lives and communities!

Please help me now to improve some of our laws and knowledges concerning justice, communities, social spirit and health. For example i would like to change the word “disabled” into “lessabled”. Not a single soul is totall unable of doing something useful and beneficial for our whole communities. We should help them finding out, recognizing, improving and enjoying their best skills instead of abusing them against others!

Please share some of your resources with me! I have not enough friends, supporters and donators for doing my best possible!

Today is the date of birth of one of my former best friends. The Tanakh bible mentions that the day of death is more important than that of birth. Obviously because we can influence time, place and price of death more or less but our parents and doctors are influencing the time, place and price of our birth.

Please help me find out, when, where, why and for whom some of our friends have died. This would be very useful for the majority of humanity and mankind and for all those odysseeing for them.

If it should turn out that you self have raped, tortured and killed one of them, i could forgive you, but only if you let and help me doing my job too!

I remember a woman who was raped, tortured and killed 1977 on a “red mountain”. You may have been in your twenties once and needy and strong enough to be capable doing some deed the like.

Many of our greedy, needy, dissatisfied and disappointed neighbours are strolling around our nights, darknesses, depths, family chronicles, ancestries, world history and global politics looking for some release and truth and often misleading others!

They could find some peace, if they would recognize and respect that some or at least two holy ones died for them personally too! Jesus and at least one of his 144000 ministers!

We will not be able to decover every crime! The last crimes will be revealed only when Antijehovah and “The Wrong Prophet” are executed by the Heavens them selves and cannot keep it secret any more!

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