To Matt Mullenweg

To Matt Mullenweg

Dear Matt, thank you for being a trade partner since 2018.

Please tell me who hinders me to find my own work in your app. Often i can only find my most recent works only a couple of weeks ago. I am paying the whole price, i expect the whole service too!

I hope this is not you!

And please give me 10 to 50 additional gigabyte web space for pictures and movies. I think 1 dollar per month would be a fair price.

And please respect my Zsion way of living with low monthly income.

It is hard for me to pay my whole wordpress every year in advance.

And i cannot upgrade to your business version. I am not a prophet of economy but of world wide Israel with her 14 tribes instead! Please respect my belief and confession too!

May be i could and would work for you, but at least four hours a day and not as my own boss, rather as part time slave. I have other duties too.

Please let me pay monthly. And take a small “mehr wert steuer” as substitute for your loss of some few client credits. One per cent would be affordable and make more than 12 percent annual interest rate. More would be usury or unjust profiteering.

You are not my bank!

My condolences to your suspension from twitter. May i help you come back?

It is often easy to lose one’s self control and trespass the rules and disrespect other soul’s dignity, rights or properties but hard to say “Please forgive and pardon me.”

Please pardon me, that i did not notice you earlier. Some spirit hinders me often to see clearly on both eyes or to take some important messages and signals serious enough.

This is our biggest problem to interpret this titanic flood of messages and signals proper and find our best way.

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