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To Michail Gorbachev

Thank you for your CIS Community of Independent States. I agree with you that there should not be other super states beside the United Nations and it’s member states before the next war “state against state” announced by Jesus Isa Michael Christ. Here and now there are even enough islands and countries for 400 independant states instead of only the less than 200 we have now.

(Wikimedia 2018: MG on the UNESCO Charity Gala 2011)

We could divide some bigger states like USA, Russia, Germany, Turkey, France, Italy, Austria, Britain, Switzerland, China, Spain, Romania and make some more islands independant or united and found many coastal colonies like the former Hong Kong and Gibraltar with bilateral controlled corridors to their home lands, for example some coast cities in Romania Moldavia or in Mediterranean France so that Spaniards could easily connect to Italians and Russians to Greek. This resembles a crucificatiion of some states and or countries.

The Panama and Suez Channels could become United Nations mandates.

We could also divide some archipel states consisting of more than one island like Japan and Indonesia.

Daniel, chapter 5:

Mene mene tekel upharsin.

You were balanced and found not worth it, so that you are divided and given to the Medes and Persians.

Michail Gorbachev 1986:


Ahmed and the Muslims may have their three tribe division in the heavenly government New Israel together with Ali and Ismail and their tri state super state together with Arabs and Turks on earth soon.

Wikipedia 2018:

Hebrew perez, greek phares means “to breach” or “to burst forth”.

You divided and dissolved the USSR Union of Socialist Soviet Republics with this program.

Now it is the time to make the European Union smaller or even dissolve it too together with the Russian Federation.

Greetings, a nice week and the best possible future for you and your communities, sincerely your Uwe.

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