To my dear Irrlanders

To my dear Irrlanders

My dear Irrlanders, your states will downfall soon like all other earthen states too, either seperated one by one or united with a little bit more dignity and noise.

You will downfall soon with me, without me or even against me. It is totally up to you and me and our gods!

One bullet for the Russian Unionists, one for the Deutschlander Unionists and one for the European Unionists!

And one for the wrong Michaels, who become angry and threatening, when i do not offer them my light!

They could and should have enough own light!

And last not least one bullets for all wrong Andrews, who refuse sharing ourrse promised heritage!

And a cannon ball of course to alll wrong Macusses who steal other ones friends and zuckers!

And rockets to all wrong Steves who robbed my jobs and apples and now expect me doing and enjoying theirs!

And torpedos for all wrong Thomases who stole our flags!

And knives and scissors to all those who sold, raped or even murdered their own women, queens and kings and are now occupying ours!

And brothels for all wrong virgins, who prostituted with our demons!

And crossfires to all wrong holies, who never have been holy!

And holy war to all queens who killed their own kings or queens and are now occupying ours!

And prison to all wrong Siegfrieds who stole my shows!

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