To my Enemies

To my Enemies

You owe me at least half of the Evangelic Methodist Community without any condition! I could and would make at least a green Salvation Army out of them!


These bad people made me to a family and church belonging without confirmation and without advantage!

I was baptized 1963 in Stuttgart into an evangelic community. On my consecration 1977 in the Reutlingen Evangelic Methodist Church i did not sign any contract or membership declaration! After some sympathies for anarchistic, socialistic, communist ideas and too meaningless academic studies i became interested in the holy scriptures Tanakh, Diatheke and Quran and started public bible studies with some much too serious imagined only true believers for 25 years. May be Hitlers and his National Socialists had good reason not to call them Jehovahs Witnesses like the Americans. Tgey do not even enjoy their egyptian beer!

Now i know more than some of my teachers.

Despite all this they kept me in spiritual custody for many years without trial and without sentence ! Three times i tried to live in other cities and communities, but they always drew me back after a while.

How could i find friends and a better community some where else, when they keep me in their wrong contradictory localistic and familiaristic community without even letting me know?

They let me pay for their bad sratutes and deeds without telling me something even when they recognised and knew that i was no longer interested in their community.

Now they are trying to kill me spiritually by completely having me deleted from their church books!

They are persecuting me as their debtor by doubling my debts, cutting of half of my income and with silly law suites!

Last not least my evil evangelic methodist family now refuses to give me the contractual promised notarically witnessed heritage!

Three times my brother Andreas came into my appartment and offended by violence.

Some of my psychiatrist tried me to blame my family for my sufferings but by the wrong childish reasons, that they had educated and parented me wrong! By this only they would have had and enjoyed the advantage!

Judge Schindler obviously disadvantages me in favour of some Jews and their egoistic interpretation of Israel!

Notary Fiedler put me under unjust and unequal custodianship!

Doctor Gerhard Raff gave unjust negative health testimonial! Strafgesestzbuch StGB!

Pastor Tabea Münz is not able or willing to give me any certificate of being babtizesd or having been part of their community or church!

Carpenter Master Jens Kimmerle?

You want Peace?

If you can not or will not offer me a better community some where else, i must insist on this claim. There cannot be peace between us without satisfying me!

Reutlingen (Teutlingen) and Gomaringen (Gülringen, Dumaringen, Hessringen or Hessingen), Noahs curse shall visitate you if you do not substitute my sufferings and losses of community, friends and love!

And Tübingen shall no longer be a regency! The police could use their building and the 12 storey police house should become a brothel!

Only if Tübingen renames to Rübingen or Gülbingen they may keep the regency may be!

Andreas and his family shall go their own way like Siegfried and Lukas already try!?

I paid for love, faith, friendship and community!

If you want to pay me for his majesties highliochness sanctimonious unholy Andreas = Andrew Schweitzer, only by half of his communities!

If you want me pay for Adolf Hitler, Deutschland, the European Union or any other state, only by some right or just all tribe social party and alternative!

And if you want to pay me for Adolf Eichmann only by some influencial human all tribal social Blue or Black Guard Community and a Kingdom Zsion Refuge Barrack City!

If you want to pay me for Albert Schweitzer only by my own African family and community!

If you want to pay me for the Jews only by respecting all my many other ancestors too!

If you want to pay me for Heal Harry Hail only by giving me one of his queens!

Or if you want me make an island, please give me my own community on one of your islands!

In every case i must be able to keep and exercise my new Zsion confession and religion!

I accept and respect other confessions, religions, politics and cultures too, if they do not offend or harm me!

And i do not like to repeat all past mistakes, neither my own nor my favorite prophets’!

And i do not respect coward murderers hiding under the skirts of their mothers and communities!

And i must not respect communities and mothers, who hide coward murderers under their skirts!

And i will not respect skirts, under which coward murderers are hiding!

One good advice at last: If you already have paid, please look that your payment is used for substitution, if you do not want tp pay again and again for the same mistake. And if you intend to pay, please ask your victims, neighbours and supreme gods first, our states and many “priests” often keep our payments for their own instead of substituting the victims!

If you do not stop treating me unjust and unequal, you shall be drowned, buried, burnt and gasified by YOUR debts!

And stifled by your money!

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