To Our Enterpreneurs and Businessmen

To our Enterpreneurs and Businessmen

If you make all our religions, parties, nations, states, governments, communities and private households an equal trated and equal treating business, either beneficiary or profit making, i would like to have and run my own business too.

Pkease respect my spiritual, political, religious, social, cultural and professional freedom!

Otherwise fog and frog off!!!!

Judges and Shilois have their own tribe of the 12 tribes of New Heavenly Israel, but not you Businessmen!

You do not deserve any special treatment!

If you keep on treating consumers and businessmen different, I will accuse you for your offences against human rights before our Queen New Heavenly Israel. She may sentence you and hang you up like Adolf Eichmann!

Please stop producing, delivering and using different kinds of leather and rubber qualities for shoes for pedestrians and tyres for bike and car drivers. This would be unequal treatment too!

Our shoes should and could last as long as bike and car tyres!

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