To Padraigh

To Padraigh

Dear Padraigh, thank you for your help and advice in the extern authority.

Yesterday you gave me two sleeping raincovers instead of one, though you saw that i was already overloaded.

I regret that i could not say no or only took one and you may be never experienced such a load by your own.

Today on an other long march with all my baggage i decided to leave one of these covers behind. I’m feeling lighter now and hope to be successful this day too.

Thank you once more and a good weekend.

By the way:

In the same night early in the morning came any needy “Michel” begging for attention psychologically, so i offered him the remaining rain cover.

After short time he disappeared in the dark. His farewell felt like he just visited me for just that reason and purpose: to get my remaining yellow rain cover!

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