To Patrick “Night Cook”

To Patrick “Night Cook”

Dear Patrick, thank you for your confiance talking to me a couple of nights.

It is a pity that our beginning friendship ended by a dispute about and different interpretation of a dead criminal against humanity.

I think it is not worth hating dead humans for their mistakes and deeds, because Apostle Paul has written to the Romans, that the dead have paid for their sins by their death at least.

Hating dead people is not better than worshipping them, it is a cult.

And we should not make our dead tesponsible for all evil, that came upon us after their death.

Even if they would still be alive in heavens as holies, they would be free of their earthen and physical restrictions and contradictions and would do it much better then.

The dead are without conscience like sleepers, without own will. They cannot do any thing, neither good nor bad.

I agree with you, that Adolf Hitler probably committed some big crimes against humanity to become empowered and to enlarge and maintain his power.

In deed, for one or two years in our chronicles he could have been the most evil and powerful man on earth: He tried to extinct all Jews, all Gypsies and all less abled, you called them disabled!

But at the end he died in his Berlin bunker in resistance against the present and future world powers of America, Britannia, Russia and Europe.

They divided his “kingdom” first in four zones then two states. An iron wall divided Germany, they call it Deutschland and the whole of Europe.

If we want to be the judges of Hitler and his National Socialists, we must ask

  • Did any one plan this division of Deutschland and Europe before Hitler tried to become empowered?
  • Did any one try to kill Hitler, before he wanted to extinct whole communities?

In every case he was more soldier than judge or lawyer and ruled different therefore. Soldiers are used to make whole state communities either allied or enemies!

Judges are rather tending to judge and sentence individuals than whole communities. They try to find the head of the problem and make her responsible instead of weakening her whole state or community.

You wanted me to answer your question, if Hitler was a bad guy, with only yes or no. But maybe not even the most evil spirit Antijehovah is 100 % bad and evil?!

I agree with you, that he was a criminal, but who of us other humans is or was not? I do not want to condemn him for ever, instead i want to learn from his mistakes not to repeat them!

I see some good properties and deeds of his life too. Obviously one of his biggest mistakes was to make dead Jews responsible for all evil and bad on earth!

We should not do the same!

But doing this means to hang our Jewish Christ Jesus a second time on the cross!

Yitzhak Shamir and many others seem to have copied at least some parts of Hitler?!:

Let us hope, that they did not copy his worst, please!

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