To Shoezone

To Shoezone

I bought a pair of Beckett shoes for 20 pounds three weeks ago in your shop in York.

After such a short time they have got holes imside and under the soles.

The following pictures show the right side shoe of them and the left side one did not remain much better.

I know, for 20 pounds you cannot expect much, but a little bit more should be posible!

The rubber soles should not be manufactured hollow, as they seem! And the seams could be a little bit better and durable!

Please repair or substitute this pair of shoes, or i will make bad advertising to your efforts.

You told me, that they are worn out. Yes of course i wear them every day, but it must not be, that MY shoes are totally worn out after 3 or 4 weeks.

Imagine a bike or car owner whose tires are totally driven down after 3 or weeks! He would sing you a song too at least!!!!

No, i have not kept the receipt. While on travel i cannot keep every thing, but i have other witnesses!

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