First Letter To Sinn Fein

First Letter To Sinn Fein

My dear sinn feiners or fein sinners, this morning i stumbled upon one of your posters in the streets of Belfast.

Marriage Equality?

The first marriage between a man Adam and a woman Eve was made by their god, creator, legislator and friend Jehovah by blessing them, their family and household and their future children and descendants. So he became boths’ marriage witness in personal union too.

Yes equal treatment is one of our fundamental human rights! But only in front of our states’ laws.

This means: If there is the same law for different peoples, they all must be treated according this one law!

If there is no official law, every soul can treat its souls different?!

In my opinion every community (including our states) of at least one “god” or blessing giver, two or four witnesses and the bridal couple should be allowed to execute any marriage or family foundation between two or even more humans.

If there is any disaccord or protest against this marriage, our judges must decide.

And every lawful marriage should be registered by the concerning state at least as family or household for taxation purpose. The states should not make the difference or judge the gods or confessions of their citizens “your marriage is right or wrong”. This would be against religious freedom, another most important human right!

Each new family can choose one of their members, blessing givers or witnesses names as future common family name!

Our states should let their gods proof, that they are right by showing their power to guarantee the happiness, durability and stability of their marriages.

Second Question:

Sex and Gender Equality?

Every soul has herited male AND female genes from both parents. Only partially they determine our own sex.

If every state would allow every soul in every new occasion to confess as male, female, just human or gender (omaio sexual or extraordinary or unnatural or artificial) every sex and gender could be treatet like deserved and desired.

There could be one treatment for males, one treatment for females, one treatment for humans of both sexes and one treatment for all other gender confessions.

And of course every soul should be able to change his mind and confession if necessary!

Criminals for example could then be imprisoned in male, female, human mixed or gender departments.

Our states could even stop to classify and title their humans concerning sex or gender, so every soul can decide by its self much easier how to be treated in every single situation and change when ever needed.

Next question:

Prostitution Equality?

Prostitution with children, one or both parents, animals, pets, community spirits and leaders or even with demons is worse than “natural” physical prostitution between a man and a woman.

Who ever ignores, accepts, denies or supports these pervert prostitutions is not better than any ordinary prostitute.

Male and female prostitution must be treated equal.

Prostitution is not the oldest profession but probably the oldest trade business!

Von den vielen arten der prostitution ist die gewöhnliche immer noch die harmloseste.

Und von den vielen sünden ist gewöhnliche prostitution vielleicht die schönste, süßeste und feinste. Sie kann es zumindest sein.

Nobody will regain virginity, love, peace or paradise lost by Adam and Eve by forbidding prostitution or communities!

Ich mache euch mit verantwortlich für den tod jeder prostituierten. Wenn ihr nicht sofort in die himmel auf fahrt und alle dort versammelten heiligen huren zurückbringt, sollen alle verantwortlicyBhen in öffentlichen oder privaten bordellen unter gebracht werden, männliche und eunuchen beider geschlechter genauso wie weibliche!

Ihr seid mir schöne unheilige: Bloß weil Christen seid und euch unser Christus VIELLEICHT vergeben hat glaubt ihr, dass euch alle vergeben mûssen?! Wo gibt es denn sowas!?

Und bildet euch nicht ein, dass ihr eiine hure durch eine hure eines anderen ersetzen könnt. Eure sklavinnen oder jungfrauen sollt ihr dafür geben!


If we cannot find any social and reasonable common agreement on sex, prostitution and marriage, the next best solution could be to annulate all marriages and forbid them totally!

Every child could get the name of one of its mothers or fathers. In case of dispute a judge will decide!

Only “single” households could be allowed, no matter how many “children” they care of!

Every household has some right to chose another responsible or president by application.

Greetings from the Nicolaos or Santa Claas State!

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