To Susan Gill

To Susan Gill from the Neighbourhood Welfare

Dear Susan, if you keep on excluding me from your welfare, we will exclude you from our true heavenly gods

  1. Jehovah
  2. Zsion
  3. Christ
  4. Israel

You self gave me your phone card! The first call i tried, you threatened me with the police! Are you sick or crazy?

Please regret and beg our heavenly gods for pardon!

Or do you prefer me begging our gods for visitating you and or your location by a plague?

If you ever dare reporting me to your police, i will report you to ours.

Let us see, whom or what they discover under your blanket!

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

This morning i gave you a fourth opportunity to accept me a neighbour, but you did not acknowledge me even with my new gotten referral!

Instead you wished me going on a long run.

So you better go to the stars or underground!

Good bye Susan, have a nice week and the best possible future. I hope to see you in Paradise. Please do not disappoint me!

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