To the Doctors

To the Doctors

My dear doctors, i am a interpreter, teacher and leader too, but by thinking and doing, not by title and honour hunting or ass creeping the DR!

Now you made me dependent on you, but you depend on me too! Without making peace with me, you will not gain peace with any other soul!

Greetings to Alexander Vopelius Feldt. I beg your pardon for having made your “hairy” aquaintance in the Bezirkskrankenhaus Munich Haar!

Do not believe, that you can better your situation by hindering or even killing me! We are all sitting in the same Titanic!

If you want my support, you are welcome to make me a doctor too, but for my achievements and not just for your fun by honour!

I am not against you, but i will no longer support any soul treating others unequal by equal laws for citizens and slaves or disadvantaged!

If you want to have your own slaves, please legalise slavery again and buy them on a legal market by legal means. Legal slavery is much better for the majority than illegal one!

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