To the Fogging and Frogging Drug Racists and Drug Designers

To the Fogging and Frogging Drug Racists and Drug Designers

This night about 3:30 some one threw a bottle of buckfast “tonic” high caffeinated and alcohol fortified wine towards me while sleeping peacefully in my sack!

My home looks a mess and smells alcoholic now.

It is totally up to you, to prefer your own drugs. But it is totally NOT up to you, to prescribe your favorites to other souls against their needs and will.

And it is not up to you to prescribe your neighbours drugs, which do not comply with the base nutritions beer and wine!

If you do not better, you shall be bombed out of your homes by your own drugs!

Some of my medical doctors and judges prescribed me psychiatric designer drugs against my will, even when they knew that i am alcoholist and like and need some beer and wine from time to time! But i have enough self control, not to need alcohol every or even all day.

They forbid any alcohol in their hospitals and prisons, but propagate the use of the nervous poison nicotine! This is drug racism too! Advantaging certain races of drugs and disadvantaging others!

Our world is not suffering from anti semitism, anti hamitism and anti japhetism! At first we are suffering from anti jehovism, anti zionism, anti christism, anti israelism, anti jerusalemism and anti mother earth ism!

Antijehovahs, Antichrists, Antizsions, Antiisraels, Antijerusalems and Earth spoilers are our biggest enemies!

And many of them are invisible spirits abusing and misleading our neighbour humans and spirits against each other! And spirits can jump from one human to another like soldiers in a street and house fight from one building to the other!

I cannot sleep now because of the attack with this bottle and the ugly smell of it’s caffeinated and alcohol fortified wine.

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