To the Foodbanker Toni

To the Foodbanker Toni

My dear Toni, thank you for your food donations.

The first time you gave me friendly and without conditions.

The second time, you were unfriendly and sent me away with nothing.

The third time today i brought you the red referral as desired. Now you are declaring, that i can only come four tmes in half a year, this means only once every six weeks. In turn i declared you that as shelterless refugee i have no store or cupboard for 20 or 30 pounds of food donation at a time. I am living outdoors in the street, i have to take all my baggage with me every mile and hour. I cannot wear all my food for 6 weeks with me every day!

Despite of this you even gave me more this time and you weighed it too. I apmost broke down with all my stuff by returning from your West Belfast Foodbank into the city.

Equal treatment in our case would mean, to give every needy about the same valuable goods, but letting it up to him, what of your goods he needs the most and when, how and how often he wants to take your domestic donations.

Again i feel really didadvantaged and unequal treated by some ugly humans!

Or aren’t you human any more at all?

Barter Value

You should establish your own currency like food unit or barter value, so every client could choose by his own what, when and how often he wants to “spend” his food “credit”. Instead of weighing each buy, you could sum each buy’s equivalence value.

Not too much additional effort for you volunteers, but much more freedom for your needy clients.

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