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To Subianto Prabowo and the future Kings and Presidents of Java and the other Indonesian Islands

My dear General Subianto Prabowo, salam ao hurub aleikum, my condolences to the loss of many Indonesians to the earth quaker first.

Please change your strategy. Stop insisting on a big and united Indonesia. The best a politician can do is maximize religious freedom, justice and peace for his peoples rather than wish maxomal power and wealth for himself or his peoples.

Many pagan, jacobine,!christian and muslim believers died because you preferred political unity to religious unity and fought against separatist parties.

We cannot achieve both at the same time. I tried this in germany and got troubles too. If you like to improve religious unity on your Indonesian islands please take especially Ahmadis, Mormons, Adventists, Jehovahs witnesses and maybe furtther communities and or prophets and apostles like us Zion Kids more serious.

The war between all earthen states will come as King Isa announced and the next earth quake could approach your residence and hurt or even kill you and many of your followers.

I’m not sure about this, but you better watch out. You rather will not become one of the last most poweful but cruel koings on earth, so do not risk the loss of too many souls.

Please choose one island and offer the others to your competitors. Every one of you can choose a state religion or state party for his respective island and invent a pact to his neighbours. Maybe you keep Big Indonesia as your pact offer and goal but give others the chance to offer other possible states, unions or federations.

Then after the next war begins you can all see, who is the better warior of Indonesia until he himself will likely be defeared by Australia from the south or any other Asian competitor from the north and this one maybe by one of the biggest remaining earthen powers Britain and America or the like and these personally by King Isa and his heavenly government, so that Allah Jehovahs Kingdom Mother Zion will reign in heavens as on earth at last and for ever.

They promised to and will repair all damages, restore Paradise, awake many of us and our dead and share their administration on earth with thousands of kalifs, governors, princes, reeves, sheriffs, consuls, teachers, imams, judges, satraps, chiefs, mayors, provosts, ministers, senators and the like.

Take this coming world war as a game, gamble and a sport and we all will have more fun.

If you like, i could prove my abilities on Lombok or Sulawesi or any other of your islands. Please invite me and make me an offer. I’m ready for some new experiences and challenges now. I would appreciate to live, die and be buried on an Indonesian island too.

Greetings your Uwe Swisri

Maybe you are good leaders, but some of you seem to have killed separatists intentionally and even civilians maybe accidentally for the sake of the whore of a united and bigger Indonesia. I’m not your witness, but it seems and feels that not all of your deeds have been just for the sake of Allah and his believers. This could be war crimes. I know men who were sentenced to death by their judges and hung up because of such crimes.

The best any politician can do for his state and peoples are not more power or wealth but better constitution and laws fo the sake of justice and inner peace.If you are better the other islands will sooner or later come back under your leadership. If you keep insisting on alone rule and alone heritage, you risk to loose everything.

I would accept and respect the others on one or more islands as long as possible, if they gave me opportunities on any other island. We could make a moratorium, peace, standstill or tolerance agreement until the outbreak of the coming world war announced by King Isa personally.

Please do not wait until election 2019. It is urgent. Somebody could want to remove one or more of you, i can smell it! The quakes could be forebodes.

Isa could prove you or send you more earthquakes even under the cellar of your own houses. You better choose one island for your self and give your competitors on the other islands a chance to prove their abilities. They too could become good leders.

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