To the Guineys Securities

To the Guineys Securities

My dear Michael Guiney’s securities and guards, i love Guinea too and New Guinea even more!

Recently there was no need and he or you had no reason to throw me out of and exclude me from your shop in Belfast High Street.

But i had a reason to exclude him or you from humanity. One of your black guards seems to have bought off all the sandals, i was interested in. And i have the right to ask him if so and why and to be upset slightly about no or bad answers.

Again i was forced to buy unsuitable shoes, that break after four or now even after two weeks.

Today your same guy refreshed his bad, evil and unjust attitude against me by forbidding me the house again.

I am not amused!!!!

I would really like to throw him or you from the island!!!!!’

I am Uwe, one of many chicks of our supreme Mothercock Zsion the Great!!!!!

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