To the Homeless

To the Homeless

My dear homeless, i am not against you, but some of our judges and doctors treated me unequal and unjust, by disadvantaging me in favour of some of you too.

So please stop believing and supporting the wrong judges and doctors!

We can and will israelize for our true and good judges and doctors too!

I have another confession than your majority, but this is one of my good human rights!

I am rather confesssing a slave, a refugee, shelter less or roof less.

Being a white negroskin or a black paleskin are our few alternatives!

And honestly i believe that many of you spend more money for alcohol and tobacco than me for living and remaining small outdoor household, so please stop begging me without emergency!

Ask your judges and doctors first!

I have not come to take you what is yours and not myne, but i have come to bring you too some goodies instead.

Many of us will die soon, me probably too!

But i want to live and die in dignity inside a best possiple community and with some friends. Many of you and us could wish the same. Please let us work together for this aim.

My favorite weapons are my mind and my creativity, not my fists. Please do not let you implicate into my struggle with my doctors! I fear that they are trying to abuse you against me. They may be smarter than you and they want you doing the dirty, bloody and rough part of their jobs!

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