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To the Peoples of Israel

We have to distinguish

  1. The father of the Israel peoples Jacob.
  2. The 12 plus 1 former tribes of the ancient people Israel.
  3. The first earthen state of Israel.
  4. The separatist northern 10 tribe state Samaria or Israel.
  5. The present people of Israel which consists of spiritual and genetical descendants of Jacob dissolved world wide in every state and religion.
  6. The second earthen state of Israel from and for the Jews.
  7. The new heavenly Israel, bride of King Isa, our future heavenly government of our future state Kingdom Mother Zion, consisting of 144000 former women and men from our earth, our Queen.
  8. The new 12 tribes of the new heavenly Israel, which will soon reappear and be  reunited under King Isa and his Queen Israel.
  9. The many peoples, which will belong to Israel.

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