To the Street Wardens

To the Street Wardens

Dear street wardens, probably i misunderstood the recent advice of two of your colleagues, so i deletet my bad report about your advice! Please pardon me!

This afternoon i had an accident: i stumbled over my broken shoes, my broken trolley and a bad neighbour, who robbed my phone. I forgive him and he gave it back soon, but I fell on my right side and at first it was not too painful, so i went for supper and to my sleeping place. I hoped it would become better during the night.

Unfortunately it seems that i have broken my hip and it became worse while walking and trying to sleep, so i tried to call some help, but the 999 do not understand me!

Could you please come and see me at the Middlesbrough Central Square and call me an ambulance or some other help?

Please tell me why and how a chinese immigrant merchant should or could give me advice and help.

Please tell me too, why you Englanders would or could not give me this advice and help?

I did not kill any one, but many others did, without substituting soul for soul and organ for organ!

And those who became slaves by their judges, their states, judges and slave holders now are responsible for substituting.

If Englanders will not help me becoming free, i have to assume that they are an important part of my troubles.

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