Who Controls Ireland?

Who Controls Ireland?

Not the paramilitaries control us Irish. The them selves are controlled by the Irish politicians and government and greedy world power super state demons! Of course it is possible that some paramilitairies are out of them or part of them!

Our good and bad spirits are controlling all of us! It is up to us to chose and follow the better ones!

Ireland is divided now between the UK/Britannia and the European Union, which has grown much too big, including now the other future world powers Greece, Italy and Ibero Latina!

This means that at least 5 world power super states have their foot on our island! With America and the United Nations they would be seven.

Of these only the United Nations seem to be necessary and inevitable until our D Day, when one of them will conquer or reconquer Irland!

They will be conquered soon after us by no one lesser than our Heavenly Christ and his Heavenly Army if Angels personally!

There is no other (divided) island wanted and desired like Irland!

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