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If we decide, who will win a game or struggle, before the end of the game, this game would be boring and useless!

We should not try to find out, which ones of our 200 states of the United Nations will become the last ten. Only world war shall can and shall decide this game!

Even if we know, which states are the last ten on earth, they all could get a succession of kings and government nations during their last short years. Please remember the last years of decline and downfall of rhe Roman Empire: they got a sequence of many short ruling soldier emperors.

Deciding which persons will rule the last ten states, before they decide it them selves, would be even worse and silly.

Wo should not expel more pressure on our selves and others than necessary. And we do not have to know, foresee, predict or destinate every thing.

And we should not know some thing before our most supreme god and allah Jehovah, because this would mean being anti (greek: in stead of, in place of, against, in face of) Jehovah.

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