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  1. I think I found the only dumb Jew…. watch me 😉
    Dumb Punk
    I didn´t write this though, it was you who entered… How was my about page? Interesting? Catch me if you can punk

  2. Good noon my dear, thank you for expressing your honest feeling. Please be careful with generalised accusations. There are good and bad people in almost every community.

    The question should be: “Who are the most evil souls on earth?” From the point of viewof our supreme god Jehovah these are Antijehovah, his demons and their human followers! Some of them could be Jews too of course, but not because of being Jews but because of hating our supreme legislator Jehovah and his other children.

  3. I will tell details.
    My theory is that the dumb jews are either put in a bunker underground or go to wordpress to try to say things positive. My theory…..

  4. Good morning my dear, thank you for contributing and inter action. Ehat do you mean? George Best was imprisoned by Jews? Please tell us some details.

  5. Israel? I have a comment… I have never met a dumb Jew and my believe it that the dum Jews they put them on a prison underground, Is that thought rational?

  6. Maybe he did make all those goals because he was drunk, dribbling left-right high as a kite, and nobody new his next move.
    Nice meeting you, interesting blog.

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