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World Chronicle

World Paradise

Antijehovah Rebellion

Paradise Loss

World Prostitution of the Earthen States with their Demons and rhe Kings with their Whores

Closing of rhe Seals and Prophets

Opening of the 7 Seals of the Prophets respective their Demons

Evolution of New Prophets for Jehovah AND Antijehovah, both pour out their Spirits to all Flesh

1914 Birth of the Heavenly Government

World Verification 1, World Warning, World Plagues

Reform Attempts of the Prophets and Future Kings

Recognition of the 12 Tribes of the New Heavenly Istael

World Ban, Expulsion and Exile of all Future Kings (and Prophets?) by all Present States

Unification of all Future Earthen Kings, Political World Union

World Whore Tribunal, Separation of Catholics and Romans

Unification of the 12 Tribes of the New Heavenly Istael, Religious Unity

Tremble and Trisection of the “Big City” before or after rhe Comeback?

Comeback or Return of the Kings: World Reformation, World Revolution, New States

World War

The Two Witnesses against the False Prophet: Who will be the 10 plus 1 States with the 7 plus 1 alliances?

World Rule of the 10 plus 1 States

Jerusalem Tribunal

Big Tribulation or World Verification 2

World Court

World Government of Heavens: Jehovahs Kingdom Mother Zion on Earth as in Heavens

Paradise Renewal with 1000 Years of World Justice and World Peace, Awakening of most Dead to Second Life and Chance

World Verification 3 by Gog and Magog

World Liberation from Antijehovah

World Paradise Regained: World Zion Freedom

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