Xth Letter to WordPress

Xth Letter to WordPress

My dear wordpressers, my premium plan offers 13 giga byte of media space. Recently i exhausted this space. Instead of buying additional space, you offer me now a silly upgrade to your business plan with 200 giga byte media space.

I am a religion and a political party, not a business!

Do you lent a whole babylonian hotel tower with hundreds of rooms, if your small private house hold runs out of space.

I do no longer accept this unequal treatment! Do you all really want to be sentenced and hanged because of crimes against humanity?

Please offer all your customers and partners a reasonable expansion method, without being urged to start a big business!

200/13 = 15.38

I would be satisfied with may be twice the 13 giga byte for the next year! Why do you urge me paying and sharing other people’s insane megalomania? I’m bearing already enough burdens!

Every kind of forced conversion is against the law? When finally do you too accept our human rights?

Or do you really challenge all our gods to be severely devastated!

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